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Vision and Philosophy

Saffron, a herb, a colour, a movement for freedom, a sign of purity, a mark of royalty'. “As per Ayurveda, Saffron has different properties depending on the other ingredients it is mixed with and also depending on the timing of administration. “Multiple traits and yet so unique.”

Derived from the characteristics of Saffron, “SAFFRON” is positioned uniquely in offering solution based approach to various corporate in their endeavour for corporate advisory and fund raising activities.

Our Vision

  • To be the most preferred investment banker for emerging corporate India

Our Mission

  • To provide strategic and management advisory with funding solutions of the highest quality keeping in view long term strategic requirements by handholding the client through the entire value chain of wealth creation
  • To maintain highest ethical standards on integrity, transparency and confidentiality in our business dealings
  • To maintain everlasting relationships with the clients